Well fitting pair of jeans can make you feel good…but a sloppy pair of jeans can make you look frumpy and sloppy. Hemming jeans to a proper length is really important for proper fit.

We do two types of hemming on jeans:

Jeans Original Hem.fw1 - ORIGINAL or EUROPEAN  HEM
The original bottom hem is cut off the jean we will re-attach the original hem on the bottom of the shortened jeans. This will keep the jeans from looking as if they were not altered, In this way the jean retains any kind of fading or wavy texture at the hem, so it looks like it did when it was bought at the store, and also costs a few dollars more
Tip: When you bring the jeans to us, be sure to bring the rigth shoes for the perfect lenght.


Jeans Regular Hem.fw2 - A REGULAR HEM
This method is basically just cutting off the extra length from the inseam, making a fold, and sewing a basic hem. This usually looks a bit flatter, and to the trained eye, will look obviously altered. , The hem will not retain any details of the original hem, nor have the wavy look that most jean hems have. On most jeans, the lack of hem detail makes them look obviously altered. This is the cheaper option
here’s some pictures that will hopefully help you see the difference between hemming your jeans with an original or regular hem.
Tip: Always wash and dry your jeans at least once before taking them to us. Even if you always air dry or dry clean your jeans, there will still be some shrinkage.

If you don't like the way your jean look no matter if is has straight leg or bell bottom We can taper it or transform into a skinny jean.

We resize jean to look like they weren't. Scoop in the back, after wearing for two hours they stretch out to what seems to be a whole size or if you've lost a little bit of weight, No matter how big your jean waist is we bring it into smaller size