Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: What About Alterations? Are They Expensive?

A: While custom, made-from-scratch clothing may not be for everyone, we offer expert alterations and repair for both men and women at a very reasonable rate. (This is not the kind of alterations you might get at your local dry cleaner). Do you have clothes that you like, but that don’t fit you well? Why not bring them to a master tailor — someone who knows how to change the structure of clothing.

2. Q: What type of clothing do you alter?

A: All that can be sew as: Wedding gown, Prom Dresses, Night and Casual dresses, Blouses,  skirts,  Dress Pants,  Man Suit,  shirts,  T Shirts,  Winter coat,  Leather jackets, knited clothes,  heavy zippers,  working jackets,  Cortains We can shorten denim jeans,  leaving the original hem if preferrable.

3. Q: What are your prices?

mechine03A: Pricing varies, depending on the time and effort required for each order. We believe that we will be able to accommodate your unique needs at a fair and competitive price and you will have the added knowledge that you are getting expert quality from a master tailor.

We have incredible prices compare to other, Most of the customer are refered by other customer for the price and special service that we offer.

4. Q: There are so many tailors in Boston. Why should I choose Orlan’s Tailoring for my Alterations?

A: Many local tailors and dry cleaners encourage their tailors to focus on speed and efficiency. The tailors who work for Orlan’s Tailoring are instead encouraged to focus on quality. Tailors are encouraged to "take their time" and "do it right".

Orlan’s Tailoring sets high standards of quality, which meets or exceeds quality standards at all major Alterations. All Garment is press by hands to give that special touch of quality.