Alterations Prices

Suit Jacket

Shorten Sleeves


Sleeves Without Opening
$ 50.00

Take in waist


This alteration is made on the sides and in the center back and the front part of the Jacket cannot be carved.

Shorten Lenght

$ 65.00

Whether it has openings on the sides or only on the back, the price is the same.

Sleeve carving only

$ 60.00

When a Jacket is carved a lot at the waist, it is often necessary to carve the sleeves.

Shorten Sleeves & Carving

$ 95.00

With this adjustment the sleeves are carved and with the appropriate length.

Dress pants

Plain Hem


The pants are delivered well ironed.

Taped Hem


This alteration includes hem and knee carving.

Take in waist, Back only


Many pants require carving more than 3 or more inches, that alteration is done in the back and on the sides. Price $55.00

Zipper Replacement


We use YKK metal o plastic zipper

Redo Hem


Both Hem are undo and redo plus Pant press

shirts blouses

Fitting Shirt


The carving is done on the sides and includes carving on the sleeve.

Shorten Long Sleeves


Usually the sleeves cannot be cut more than 3 inches since cutting more loses the opening.

Shorten short Sleeves


The sleeve cutout does not include its carving.

Shirt Hem Trim


We leave the original hem either curved or straight.


Plain Hem


The Jean is delivered well ironed

Original Hem


The original hem it's cut and reattach again

Hem Tapered


This alteration includes knee plus knee carving.

Tapered & Original Hem


In this alteration the original hem is cut and added back and the knee and hem are carved.

Take in waist back only


Many Jeans require carving more than 3 inches that alteration is done in the back and on the sides. Price $45.00.

Zipper Replacement


YKK Brand Metal Zipper


The prices of adjustments or alterations in the dress is difficult to inform here or by phone due to the different styles or fashions that exist in the market, for example for the hems it depends on how many linings you bring and the width of the same, many dresses come with rhinestones what It is better to come to the premises so that we can give you the correct price and then you will make the decision to fix it.


Hem no lining

$25.00 & up

The Hem has to be simple, a normal width A-line skirt, if the skirt has a lining and is too wide the price changes

Take in Waist

$35.00 & up

The skirts need to be take in on both sides to maintain the design, if it is lined and too wide the value of the alteration is more.

Invisible and Regular Zipper Change

$30.00 & up

Some skirts have a metal hook and also have a lining, the price here varies

Take in on sides

$30.00 & up

Skirt without lining. With lining the value changes.



Girdles Adjusments $ 35.00 & Up

With the constant use and slimming, the girdles are getting bigger, we adjust them to your needs. The prices vary depending on the width of the same as some are carved only from the back and others from the sides and back.




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