nullUse your ears
Hands up who likes freshly ironed clothes? Almost everyone. Hands up who likes ironing? Almost no one! Here's how to make it more of a boost and less of a bore.
Your eyes and hands are occupied when you iron, but your ears and brain are free. If you've ever wanted to learn another language, now's the time. Get prepared for your next holiday – pop on a CD and start dreaming about the people you're going to meet.
Or try self-improvement of another kind. Everyone from business experts to meditation gurus can whisper wisdom in your ear via MP3s and CDs. Sharpen up your sports skills, improve your work performance or overcome your phobias.
Perhaps you could let someone read to you while you iron? Audio books make literary classics less daunting, comedy novels even funnier and thrillers more compelling.
Wardrobe makeover
Doing the ironing is a great time to review what you wear. It's when you'll notice frayed collars, worn sleeves and loose hems. Decide what needs throwing out and what could be revived with some subtle restyling or new accessories. Think about different ways of putting clothes together and, if you're doing someone else's ironing, make a note of a few garments you'd like to borrow!
Mind & body workout
Believe it or not, ironing can even be part of your fitness routine! Work on your abs while you iron: hold your tummy in tight for the time it takes you to iron a garment, then relax while you pick up the next. Or practise standing on one foot – great for balance and working those leg muscles. Just be careful with the hot iron!
If you need to de-stress, try giving the ironing your absolute attention, working slowly and carefully and breathing deeply. Say "ohm" and meditate on how great you'll look in that well-ironed clothing!
Snuggle and Comfort will make your clothes soft and easier to iron, but if all else fails turn the music up loud and sing along.