nullMaking the most of your machine
Every washing machine deserves a little tender loving care. That way your clothes will keep coming out fresh and clean.
Making the most of your machine
Here are some great tips from Surf to keep your hard working machine washing brilliantly every time. And if you're not having to worry about your clothes, you can spend more time doing the things you love.
Maintenance washing
A few times a year you should put a wash on without any clothes in it. Put in the normal amount of powder, then put it on the hottest setting and let it spin. Basically this lets it wash out all the pipes and clean them of all the grimy bits that like to cling on. 
Saving water
What's great about today's machines is that they can be very economical with water. It's always best to have full loads and use the right programme. If you've lots of big loads then it might be worth investing in a machine with a larger capacity.
Child locks
We all know you are much better at choosing the right programme than mum’s little helper. Child locks on the latest washing machines will prevent little fingers from changing the controls.
"My machine wobbles!"
Firstly check the transit packaging has been removed. Maybe the machine isn't quite level, so read the handbook to find out how to level up. An unbalanced load can also cause the machine to salsa across the floor. A machine with a direct drive motor will be less noisy and vibrate less – and the machine will stay firmly put.