nullEveryone knows how important first impressions are. But have you ever wondered what the way you care for you clothes says about you?
How to care for your clothes
Wearing something smart that's also neat and well-laundered sends out a very different message than wearing clothes that are casual and creased – and at that all-important business meeting or first date, that difference could be make or break.
Dress smart
You don't have to wear a suit to look smart; a pair of jeans and a shirt or top can fit many situations, if they're properly cared for. A good way of getting the most out of your clothes is to use a fabric conditioner.
As we wear and wash our clothes, fabrics begin to weaken and lose their suppleness. But using a fabric conditioner such as Comfort smoothes the fibres in your clothes, protecting them and making sure they look newer for longer. And clothes washed with Comfort's Fresh Release Technology will release fresh, uplifting scents throughout the day – such as Wild Pear & Gingko and Passion Flower & Ylang-Ylang.
Iron easier
As well as caring for your clothes, fabric conditioners also make ironing much easier – another good way to make sure you look smart enough for any occasion. Pouring Comfort Vaporesse into your iron will also add even more freshness to your fabrics and will increase the lifespan of your iron by preventing the build-up of limescale.
To get the most from your clothes, follow these simple steps when ironing:

  • Check the item's label first for advice on how hot the iron should be
  • Make sure the iron has reached the right temperature before starting to use it
  • Try to avoid using the iron on zips and buttons
  • Acetate should be ironed inside out while slightly damp, using a cool iron
  • Acrylic clothing should be ironed inside out while dry – and don't steam it
  • Cotton is best ironed on a high setting and when the fabric is slightly damp
  • Knitwear should be ironed on a warm setting
  • For woollen garments, including suits, use a warm steam iron and a clean, damp cloth on top of the item being ironed
  • Nylon and polyester should be ironed inside out on a cold setting when nearly dry
  • For silk clothes, iron on a medium heat while slightly damp.