nullSqueaky Clean
Keeping your clothes really clean needs a little thought, because sometimes, dirt and germs don’t all come out in the wash – even if it looks as though they have.
Follow our simple, four-step guide and you’re guaranteed squeaky clean results every time.
Normally, a 40°C wash is all you need to keep your clothes clean and fresh, provided everyone in your home is healthy and 'behaving themselves'. However, when there are infections in the home, or garments contaminated with faecal matter, you need to clean more aggressively to tackle the problem effectively – or you could end up spreading the problem. But the solution is easy, just follow these easy steps.
1. High temperature 
Keeping the temperature high (that’s 60-90 degrees), or washing at 40°C with a bleach-based detergent, should kill all bugs – even those that cause infectious diseases. A 40°C wash with a non-bleach detergent, which most people in industrialised countries use, won't do the trick. It will simply spread the bugs to other garments. 
2. Separate underwear washing 
To be extra safe, wash underwear separately and tumble-dry them at a relatively high heat to give the coup de grâce to any germs stubbornly clinging on to life. 
3. Weekly hot wash 
It's a good idea to run a high-temperature wash once a week, preferably with a bleach-based detergent, to kill the bio-films that can build up in machines when low-temperature washes are the norm. These bio-films enable bugs to survive and grow between washes, leading to possible contamination of future washes. They can also make your machine smell a bit like rotten eggs, so keep your nose finely tuned!
4. Wash your hands 
Don't forget to wash your hands after handling any soiled laundry – bug-infested hands are one of the key reasons behind stomach problems and other health difficulties.