nullSorting & loading
Have you ever unloaded your washing machine only to find your whites are a delicate shade of pink? Here we offer a little help with your laundry so that your dark colours never run into your whites and your woollens won't shrink.

To get the best results from your wash, it is important to separate your laundry into batches of similar colours and fabrics, and not to overload the machine.
Whites, lights & dark colours
First, sort your washing by colour (into whites, light colours and dark colours). Wash dark colours separately, as there is always a risk that they will run. Then sort by fabric type (cotton and linen, synthetics and synthetic blends, delicates). Check the care labels on the garments and set your machine accordingly.
The right detergent
Wash each load with the right detergent. Omo offers variants, formulated to help keep colours bright or created specially for delicate machine-washable silks and woollens. 
A careful mix
If you have to mix garments, choose the garment in the load with the lowest temperature and gentlest cycle and follow the instructions on the care label.
Load with care
Don't overload the machine. It can cause poor wash results, damage your clothes and even damage the machine. For most fabrics, the drum should be loosely filled. For machine-washable woollens, two or three items constitute a full load.
Getting dirty is a natural part of life. We'll get your clothes brilliantly clean - help us help you by sorting and loading with care.