nullInside out
It's not easy shopping all day for fabulous clothes so the least we can do is help you care for them and keep them looking great!
Inside out
Nobody relishes the site of a pile of ironing – but beautifully pressed clothes mean you’ll be sure to step our in style. Always check the care labels. Press synthetic fabrics first while the iron is cool and turn them inside out, as ironing on the right side of the fabric can build up an unappealing shine. Hang shirts, dresses and trousers as soon as you’ve ironed them and don't put them on straightaway – they’re prone to wrinkling while hot.
Hang on in there
What you hang your clothes on can help them stay gorgeous. Fashion experts agree that wire hangers are a no-no, mostly because they don't help your clothes keep their shape. Wooden hangers are best for most clothes, but for delicate items choose fabric hangers. And treat your super-delicates, such as silk, to luxurious padded hangers.
Clothes bags
Evening and special occasion wear should be hung up and kept in a suit or dress bag, preferably made from cotton. Other fabrics will do, but don’t be tempted to hang onto the plastic covering from the dry cleaner – over time plastic can wreck the gorgeous colours on your clothes.
Room to breathe
Don't cram as many clothes into your wardrobe as you possibly can – you'll only crease everything you've so lovingly put away. If you find you are acquiring more clothes than you can store, perhaps it's time to purge the ones you no longer wear!
Read the label
Always read the care label on garments. A single circle on the label means 'don't even think of putting this in a washing machine'. But it doesn't mean you need to trek to the dry cleaners every other day. Sometimes using a clothes brush, carrying out a spot clean or hanging and steaming the item is enough. In any case, too much dry cleaning can actually wear clothes out.
Blitz those stains
You've spent money on them, worn them and loved them – so when it comes to washing, the best care you can give for your clothes is to wash them in SURF Small & Mighty so they smell gorgeous too.